SHE x SHEIN, Dialogue on “Let’s Talk Body Positivity Online”, 19 Jun 2023

1 in 6 individuals at risk of body image anxiety issue in Singapore, with 60% of those affected being female. Most of those at risk (39%) fall are aged 16-24, a demographic that is identified as frequent users of social media*, and therefore most likely to be impacted by what they see online.

Promoting a more diverse and inclusive representation of body types online is key. When influencers, advertisers and online sellers feature individuals of different sizes, shapes and skin tones, whether in social media content, advertising, or fashion campaigns, they send a positive message of inclusivity and diversity. Avoiding the use of filters and promoting unrealistic beauty standards that can lead to feelings of inadequacy is also important.

At the SHEIN x SHE “Let’s Talk Body Positivity Online” dialogue on 19 June, participants delved into the issue of how time spent online can affect one’s body image and affect our  perceptions of reality, and discussed how – as the statistics show – this is a pressing concern for our youth, that requires a concerted effort from all stakeholders to address.

The session featured panellists Rebecca Eu from Mei’s Own, and international content creator and diversity advocate Dani DMC, and was moderated by SHEIN’s Charlene Lee.

At SHE, we believe that it will take a whole-of-community effort to promote a culture of confidence, diversity and self-acceptance online. Whether you are a retailer, corporate, non-profit or content creator, we can each do our part, and we look forward to working together to creating positive change.

*Source: Milieu Survey with 2,670 Singaporeans aged 16 and over conducted from May – June 2022