SHE Update: In 2024, SHE Empowers WOMEN@WORK... and more!

SHE kicks off the new year with a slew of developments focused on empowering women in the workplace and supporting those who want to return to work.

For 2024, SG Her Empowerment (SHE) is expanding its work in the field of gender equality advocacy.

2023 Recap

In 2023, SHE broke new ground in many ways. It completed a pioneering study on the prevalence and impact of online harms in Singapore (including against girls and women), and established SHECARES@SCWO, Singapore’s first support centre providing free counselling and legal clinics for targets of harmful online behaviour.

In collaboration with Standard Chartered Bank, as part of its Futuremakers initiatives aimed at tackling inequality and promoting greater economic inclusion, SHE also successfully concluded the pilot run of the SNEAK PEEK programme, which is designed to inspire and empower young women aged 15 to 21 by providing exposure, networking opportunities, and cultural capital.

SHE capped off the year in November with its inaugural ANNUAL SYMPOSIUM, where SHE launched its thought-provoking study on gender mindsets in Singapore, and brought together over 200 academics, corporates, civil society organisations, youths, and executives to discuss the importance of shifting mindsets on gender norms and achieving gender equality.



This year, to build upon its existing work on gender mindsets and equality in the physical and digital realms, SHE will shine a spotlight on how to improve support for and empower women in the workplace, including those seeking to return to work.

Titled SHE Empowers WOMEN@WORK, this initiative will examine a range of critical gender equality and equity-related work issues faced by the everyday woman—from the struggle to balance home and work responsibilities, to learning how to network and draft a CV, to dealing with glass ceilings or gender bias at work.

SHE will also work with stakeholders to facilitate conversations on how workplaces can better support women, including through upcoming laws and guidelines, such as the Workplace Fairness Legislation and Tripartite Guidelines on Flexible Work Arrangements.


In conjunction with this focus on work, SHE is continuing its successful SNEAK PEEK programme, which is based on research such as the 2022 IPS Survey on the “Future of Work Singaporeans Want”, which revealed that girls and women fall behind men in building professional networks to advance their careers.

SNEAK PEEK gives participants the chance to, over the course of a calendar year, participate in a number of learning visits to different organisations across the public, private, and people sectors. Participants also receive training and support to help them apply their learnings from the programme to their future life plans. The 2024 cycle of the programme will also feature a Finance Industry Day, where participants will be able to learn about the various roles and functions within the financial services sector, and engage 1-on-1 with industry representatives who can share their experiences and inspiring stories.

For more details, and for educational institutions and companies wanting to participate in SNEAK PEEK, please contact


The SHE Team is also growing! Led by lawyer-turned-CEO SIMRAN TOOR, SHE now has a staff of 9, with  new hires including award-winning filmmaker and writer COLIN GOH joining as Communications Director. SHE’s team covers programmes, partnerships, fundraising research, communications, and corporate functions.

Says Simran, “SHE is a small but mighty organisation, and we have been steadily growing our capabilities. Since our inception, we’ve been extremely encouraged by the outpouring of support from partners and donors and are looking forward to building our networks, skills, and reach even further in 2024.”

SHE’s board, in particular, continues to provide strong strategic direction to support its growth. In 2024, SHE is honoured to welcome two new board members to lend their expert guidance in helping SHE achieve its mission.

Senior Managing Director at boutique strategy communications firm WATATAWA Consulting, specialising in stakeholder engagement and change management.


Chairman of the DBS Digital Exchange (DDEX) Appeals and Conflicts Committee and an Advisory Committee Member of the Personal Data Protection Commission. [GU7] He is also a Senior Advisor at Wong Partnership and member of the Appeal Board and Wakaf Dispute Resolution Committee of the Singapore Islamic Religious Council.

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